Small Business Feature: Malicious Women Candle Co

Who: Malicious Women Candle Co              Years in Business: 1

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Tell us about your business!

Malicious Women Candle Co is more than a candle business. Our mission is to say what every bad-ass female is thinking...on candles. We use the F-word, not because we are crude, but because we can. Our mission is to provide an outlet for women to encourage each other with snarky candles- no matter the occasion or situation. Sometimes we need to acknowledge the shit show happening in our lives and sometimes a new mom just needs a laugh while she is battling sleep deprivation. Our goal is for the giver to become the winner of the invisible gift giving contest that we all know exists, but don't talk about.


Tell us about your customer's experience that shows your service

I believe the biggest compliment I receive is a reorder. A majority of my sales are online purchases without the opportunity to smell the candles. People order them for the labels and reorder them due to the quality of the candle. I receive a ton of messages from people telling me how much they or the receiver loves their Malicious candles.




Why did you open your business?

To celebrate the end of a plagued 2016, I hosted a "Shit Show" with my best gals. I invited my support system over to drink, eat, create drunken crafts and talk about all the shit we had going on in our lives. It was hilarious and the fun I needed! I made "Shit Show" candles scented with Vanilla and infused with Chaos, my friends went nuts over them. They inspired me to put them up on our local Facebook page and before you knew it, I had orders! It was at that moment Malicious Women Candle Co. was born.


Introduce us to your staff!

Samantha Cofer is the production manager and the brains that keep Malicious Women Candle Co running like a well oiled machine.

What other small businesses do you love?

Happy Heart Design Co

If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

The Princess Bride - Princess Buttercup


Anything else you would like the readers to know?

I hope your readers enjoy Malicious Women Candles as much as I enjoy making them.


Support small businesses and check out their amazing, hand poured candles. Your house will smell divine and your candles will make you giggle! 

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